Make Second-Home Properties Your First Resort

In addition to classic vacation homes, the resort and second-home niche also includes college housing and properties for investment purposes. No matter where you live, second-home properties exist in your area. What are you doing tocapitalize on this market?

The Resort and Second-Home Property Specialist (RSPS) certification gives you the specialized skills and knowledge to maximize the business opportunities this market presents. By earning your certification, you are instantly viewed as a qualified, competent professional in this arena.

Member Benefits

Differentiation — on and®.
Customizable Marketing Materials — professionally designed customizable marketing materials, including a press release, and logo files.
Private Facebook Group — utilize this exclusive group to network with other RSPS members.
Quarterly e-Newsletter — keep you informed on hot topics and trends.

Certification Requirements

1. Successful completion of the Resort & Second-Home Specialist (RSPS) Certification Course.
Submit a one-time $194.50 application fee.
Maintain active membership status with the National Association of REALTORS®.